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Great Thalassery food

Best and Delicious


Dine in Thalassery Style
With  Ari O Rotti !!

Are you ready to tantalize your palate with
the authentic flavors of Thalassery?
We at 'AriO'Rotti' promises to take you on a mouth-watering journey
to 'The Paris of Kerala'. People who love to eat are the best people !!!

As you step into a Ari O Rotti, you'll notice a warm, authentic atmosphere right away. And you'll feel it every second you're here. It's in the friendly smile that greets you as you walk through the door. It's in the genuine, attention-to-detail service displayed by each one of our associates. As an alternative to dining out with a group of friends and family, we offers a full service dining experience for you and your guests in your own home

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